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  • Is there any specific requirement that I need to comply before I can join any of your trainings?
    Due to the digital nature of this training, we require all our participants to secure stable/ strong internet connection to actively participate in this fully-online training program.
  • What will happen if I failed to attend most of the sessions and my course work left undone?
    Failure to participate in the entire duration of the seminar-workshop and non-submission of course work will result to forfeit the non-refundable registration fee in favor of CHRDF Inc. and non-issuance of all the program’s certificates.
  • How long does it take before I get my digital certificates?
    Because the program includes course work, completion of these assigned tasks is required to earn the certificates for the program. Course facilitators will be given sufficient time to evaluate your submission and send you feedback. The maximum number of the days of the waiting time is 5 working days after the last day of the program.
  • How will I receive my certificates?
    Once you satisfactorily completed all the training requirements including your prompt attendance in all synchronous session and completion of all the course work, the digital certificates will be sent to your email. We will send it via registered email. Option to request for printed certificates is allowed and will be discussed within the seminar
  • Can I use my certificates here for ranking and promotion in DEPED?
    YES. You will earn professional development points after successfully completing any of our NEAP courses as stated in D.O. 001 s. 2020.
  • Can I still cancel my registration even I am paid participant already?
    YES, if a letter of request (stating your reason/s for the decision to cancel) was sent to at least 4 working days before the conduct date of the training. Once approved, the accounting office will process your 80% refund within 3 working days after the date of your request approval.
  • Can I transfer and attend later date of the similar program I availed?
    YES, if a letter of request (stating your reason/s why) was sent to at least 5 working days before the conduct date of the training.
  • If the training is cancelled for unforeseen circumstances, can I get a full refund?"
    YES. However, another option for this situation is to join the next schedule of the same program or transfer to any program of your choice as long as the assigned fees are the same. Full refund will be released after 3-5 working days.
  • When can I see the training matrix? Who are the resource speakers?
    The detailed training matrix with the names of invited resource speakers will be sent to all paid participants via email.
  • Why most of your trainings are scheduled on weekends?
    Consistent to D.O. 9 s. 2005 Instituting Measures to Increase Engaged Time-on-Task and Ensuring Compliance Therewith, all these trainings will be conducted outside DEPED official time/working hours.
  • Am I going to earn CPD credit units from these programs/ courses?
    YES. All the trainings designed for teaching personnel undergoes accreditation process for CPD credit units under the CPD Council for Professional Teachers.
  • How many approved CPD credit units can I expect from your trainings?
    This will depend on the CPD Council for Professional Teachers. But the maximum CPD credit unit allowed to be awarded for an accredited CPD program is 15. This CPD credit units is enough for LPTs license card renewal.
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